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I am the Future of Nigeria Youth Initiative, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by two sisters, Renee Okocha and Zara Okocha who are based in London. They are young authors and illustrators of over 26 NERDC approved foundational and Educative books for pre-school  and early primary school children.

Minister of states for Education,
Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba with the Okocha sisters, Renee and Zara.

In partnership with Federal ministry of Education and Universal basic basic Education commission, the desire to bring about change driven by a national literacy rich society led to the development of the Book-A-Shelf Nigeria Literacy Project. The Book-A-Shelf Nigeria Literacy Project is an initiative aimed at improving early reading skills among children from low-income groups and children with learning challenges. It is a classroom library concept that makes available colourful illustrative and attractive reading materials in a shelve, placed in a corner in the classrooms for children at the foundation learning stage.

While commending the Federal Government of Nigeria for the efforts and intervention in the North East zone, the insurgent prone areas, through the building of classrooms, vocational and ECCDE Centres, it is worthy of noting that the Book-A-Shelf Nigeria Literacy project is a laudable concept that can support the Nigeria government achieve its goal of rehabilitating the out-of-school children and ensuring literacy, especially at the foundational stage if a literacy-rich environment is created.

The classroom library development strategy is a sure way to stimulate literacy skills through literacy rich environments and eradicate poor reading culture of Nigerian pupils.

Aiming to: attract children’s interest thereby promoting reading culture and improve confidence and reading pleasure.

–  create programmes that will facilitate access thereby eradicating the incidence of out-of-school children;

–  promote reading culture among school children at the foundation learning stage;

–  improve teachers’ participation in ensuring that children read these foundational books that will improve their literacy skills;

–  promote the use of phonics ads and flash card aids to reading in schools;

–   improve attitudes towards reading and social interaction.

–   Introducing a library service system of the children borrowing and returning books.

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